NYC Youth Psychosis Program

Amanda directed a short documentary film series about youth psychosis with Columbia Psychiatry’s OnTrackNY treatment program in New York. These films are now part of ongoing research about stigma reduction, and used in an online mental healthcare referral programs across New York using digital advertising methodologies.

My filmmaking approach:

I take a participatory and trauma-informed approach when making films about youth mental health. I believe a film should be an experience for youth to express their story and identity. Consent and collaboration is key. Learn more about how I make films here.

Check out Ambar’s 1-minute trailer about schizophrenia:

Behind the Scenes

The pre-production of these films involved working with each youth’s care teams and families to collect legal consent and ensure they felt safe and comfortable with the process. The youth review and approve of the final films.

Check out Drew’s 1-minute trailer about schizophrenia:

Youth Psychosis & Schizophrenia (full length films: 5-8 min.)

Mental Health Innovation

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