Since age 18, Amanda has been sharing her story experiencing psychiatric hospitalization during college to becoming a filmmaker, advocate and social entrepreneur in the mental health field. She has given over 150 speeches locally and globally to non-profits, corporations, universities, high schools, and hospitals.  She weaves in her personal lessons of recovery, documentary films, and research into a compelling and creative presentation that will challenge the status quo of how we think about mental health for ourselves and in our communities.

Speaking and Workshop Points

Topic 1: Layers of Identity: Narrative & Expression

Amanda shares her journey finding her voice and navigating self and social stigma after psychiatric hospitalization during college. She shares real-life interviews from her documentary films, and theoretical models and self-help templates for the audience to consider in their own lives.

  • How do we navigate identity and sense of self after trauma and adversity?
  • How do we deal with self and social stigma in our daily lives?
  • How do we translate adversity into opportunity?
  • How do our mental health narratives change across contexts and age?
  • What creative outlets help maintain our wellness, or cope during adversity?
  • What creative outlets help maintain our wellness, or cope during adversity?

Topic 2: Technology and Storytelling for Mental Health

In this Digital Age, the Internet could be considered a "modern first responder" of information. Amanda shares the role of filmmaking and storytelling as it relates to health-related and help-seeking behavior stages online. For example, she shares her lessons producing over 10 short documentary films in NYC to promote their youth psychosis early intervention program online.

  • How do we use stories to build trust, and promote prosocial and help-seeking behaviors?
  • How do we use digital advertising to help people find resources and support online?
  • How do we apply sociological and entertainment-education theories in crafting thoughtful creative productions and media/health campaigns?

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