Amanda Lipp is a filmmaker and athlete passionate about mental health, extreme sports, and alternative ways of living (tiny homes, #vanlife).

Latest Projects

Rock Climbing & Wilderness Medicine

Meet Natalie - a rock climber and educator in wilderness medicine. Natalie talks about the role of fear in how we make decisions, and how climbing is like a metaphor for that - committing to a process, that it’s okay to be afraid, and it’s more about how we interpret the fear and how it’s giving us information.

Rock Climbing & Portaledge Music Video

Lillian had a bold idea to submit a rock climbing music video / short doc as her submission for NPR's Tiny Desk Concert. She empowers people to create music and go after their dreams in the great outdoors.

ReBuilding Butte: A short documentary - on tour 2022!

ReBuilding Butte is a story about tiny homes for California fire survivors. It's on global tour with Wild & Scenic Film Festival visiting over 180 events globally to raise awareness and funds for grassroots environmental causes.

Mental Health & Adventure

The outdoors provides a natural canvas to explore our identity, strengths, and areas to grow.

Wilderness First Aid:

Being prepared and competent in assessing injury and risk in the outdoors.


When We Listen and Engage, We Begin to See Change

When We Listen and Engage, We Begin to See Change

We all sat around the table, having met each other only moments before. There were 14 of us from states[...]

CALL TO MIND Spotlight on Rethinking Mental Health Care

America’s Fractured Mental Healthcare System Amidst the New Norm

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Tiny Homes for Camp Fire Survivors | Amanda Lipp

How it started: Rebuilding Butte Short Documentary

When I first heard about the tiny home building project to help California fire survivors, I signed up to volunteer[...]

Drew's Story With Schizophrenia | Amanda Lipp

Drew’s Story With Schizophrenia

Drew was studying media and film at Bronx Community College when he first experienced the symptoms. He was hearing things[...]

Mental Health Innovation

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