Amanda Lipp runs Lipp Studios, a small filmmaking company that specializes in short documentaries about mental health and social impact. Amanda has produced over 60 short films for clients around the U.S. Her creative approach is grounded in social psychology, entertainment-education, and systems change theory. She is either working 1:1 with clients, or working collaboratively with a crew. Amanda's empathy drives her creativity. During college, she spent three months in a psychiatric hospital after her own breakdown. It was here where she started storyboarding patients' stories and witnessed the power of vulnerability and storytelling. When she was discharged, she launched her film company.  
Check out this 1 min. trailer of Drew's story experiencing psychosis. This film is part of a series on youth psychosis and the Coordinated Speciality Care treatment model at OnTrackNY, Columbia Psychiatry. Check out the longer film and the full series below.

NYC Youth Psychosis Program

A short series with OnTrackNY within Columbia University Medical Center. These films showcase young people’s stories of mental health recovery.

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Teens & Digital Wellness

A short series with Technology and Adolescent Mental Wellness program (TAM) led by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Pediatrics. These films showcase youth and researchers tackling the intersection of teens, tech, and wellness.

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Tiny Homes for CA Camp Fire Survivors

A short documentary follows Alyssa Nolan-Cain, a local Butte County resident and single mother of three. This film aims to spark local & global awareness about Tiny Homes as an innovative, sustainable, and low-cost relief option for those in need.

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How Amanda Makes Films

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Tiny Homes for Camp Fire Survivors | Amanda Lipp

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Drew's Story With Schizophrenia | Amanda Lipp

Drew’s Story With Schizophrenia

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Using Technology To Support Adolescent Mental Wellness

Using Technology To Support Adolescent Mental Wellness

The Technology and Adolescent Mental Wellbeing Program (TAM), a philanthropically sponsored research initiative led by the efforts of the Social[...]

The NYC Youth Psychosis Program | Amanda Lipp

The NYC Youth Psychosis Program

Since 2016, my filmmaking company, Lipp Studios, has been making short documentary films presenting the successful recoveries of several young[...]

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