Amanda Lipp is an award-winning documentary filmmaker focused on mental health and social impact storytelling. She has produced over 80 short films with clients around the globe - ranging from local treatment centers, national mental health organizations, to adventurous entrepreneurs. Clients have included Columbia Psychiatry, Sutter Health, and Foresight Mental Health. Her films have been used in research studies around psychosis stigma reduction, and used in digital advertising campaigns in New York. Her creative approach is grounded in social psychology and entertainment-education. And perhaps, most importantly, her empathy drives her work as someone with lived experience having gone through the mental health care system as a teen.

Latest projects:

Empathy Produced

Amanda is mindful that interviewees are often sharing personal stories, or educating about topics that they care deeply about. Amanda has been on both sides of the camera, so she gets it. As a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, Amanda upholds herself to ethical journalism - especially, "give voice to the voiceless".

Production best-practices include:

  • Consent and collaboration
  • Trauma-informed
  • Strategic sharing
  • Peer-to-peer
  • Person centered
  • Identity driven

Watch this 1 min. trailer about Drew’s story with psychosis. Learn more about NYC Youth Psychosis project here.

Clients have included:

Creative Collaboration

On every film, Amanda works closely with clients, interviewees, and relevant organizations to maximize impact. She believes creating a film is a discovery process, and an opportunity to build relationships and give voice to underrepresented stories.

Production steps:

  • Kick-off: vision, goals, audience, timeline, budget
  • Pre-production: storyboarding and scripting
  • Production: interviews and footage
  • Post-production: media management, editing, review rounds
  • Promotion: marketing and distribution

Here’s how I started and some interviews I’ve done:.

Theory to Creativity:

Filmmaking is an art and science. Amanda's creative approach is grounded in social psychology, entertainment-education, and systems change theory. Essentially, the goal is to deliver prosocial health messages to positively influencing awareness, knowledge, attitudes, or behaviors.

For example:

  • Transportation Theory (Green & Brock)
    • The extent that individuals are absorbed into a story (identification)
  • The Identification Scale (Cohen)
    • The extent to which viewers identify with a character
  • Entertainment Overcoming Resistance Model (Moyer-Guse).
    • The narrative format increases absorption in the drama, reducing resistance to the messaging.
  • Elaboration Likelihood Model (Petty, Cacioppo, Shrum)
    • Immersive engagement making it easier to influence beliefs, attitudes, and behavior.
  • Social Cognitive Theory (Bandura)
    • The most commonly applied theory in the area of entertainment-education

Film Ambassador

Amanda believes films are a movement and call to action. She is a passionate ambassador of her films and the causes and organizations they represent. She leverages her public speaking platform to raise awareness on a larger scale. Since age 18, she has given over 150 speeches across the globe on filmmaking, mental health recovery, and social entrepreneurship.

NYC Youth Psychosis Program

A short series with OnTrackNY within Columbia University Medical Center. These films showcase young people’s stories of mental health recovery.

Learn More

Teens & Digital Wellness

A short series with Technology and Adolescent Mental Wellness program (TAM) led by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Pediatrics. These films showcase youth and researchers tackling the intersection of teens, tech, and wellness.

Learn More

ReBuilding Butte: A Short Documentary

This film follows a heartfelt tiny house building project in response to the deadliest fire in California history in 2018 – The Camp Fire – that destroyed Paradise and surrounding Butte County communities.

Learn More

How Amanda Makes Films

Learn More

Adventure Filmmaking

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When We Listen and Engage, We Begin to See Change

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Mental Health Innovation

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