Artist Statement:

Crayons are my favorite medium because I enjoy the layering and etching process. I began drawing with crayons after I experienced a mental health crisis during college. A thoughtful psychiatric nurse handed me a box of crayons, and this became a pivotal moment for me to begin healing through creativity and expression.



In 2015 I began auctioning my crayon art and sharing my story at mental health fundraisers. I began to appreciate the impact that art and storytelling could have on raising awareness around mental health programs, policy, and innovation. Most importantly, a way to inspire hope and awareness about the power of creativity and expression in one's own healing.

A Larger Movement

The Giving Gallery is currently in development, and a place where artists can sell their art in partnership with leading mental health charities. We are partnered with Mental Health America, one of the largest grassroots mental health nonprofits. This idea began in 2015 when Amanda began selling her own art to raise money for mental health charities. The vision of giving artists a platform to give back, share their story, and help raise awareness. More soon!

Mental Health Innovation

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